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we have the same blood

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In the spirit of generosity and involvement, this month at Vastint Romania, we dedicate ourselves to charitable and social actions under the umbrella of our #DecemberOfGiving . As part of this initiative, we aim to support and contribute to the improvement of the society we live in, focusing on the needs of the disadvantaged people.

In the context of this mission, we have started several movements and one of our priority directions is the promotion of blood donation, a Digi24 powerd by Vastint Romania campaign, in partnership with DigiFM and ProFM. In this way, we aim to bring positive change in our community and provide support where it is most needed.


Where and when do we donate?

On 15 December, between 8:00 and 15:00, we invite you to join our blood donation campaign at Calea Plevnei 159, Bucharest, in the Business Garden Bucharest. You will find us in Building A, 6th floor. We are determined to make a significant change and you, the members of the Business Garden community and all those willing to contribute, are invited to become part of this charitable gesture.

A life can be saved by a simple act of solidarity, and we believe that every drop of blood donated is a step towards a healthier future. We encourage you to join this initiative and make your contribution to this noble cause. Every donor is a ray of hope for those who need blood transfusions to rebuild their health.

Throughout the winter period, we often experience a significant drop in blood donations, even at times when the need is more acute than ever. While the magic of the holidays envelops the world, the reality is that hospitals and patients in a difficult time still depend on our generosity. With this in mind, we have set an ambitious goal of bringing together 250 people at our event on December 15.

It’s essential to realise that despite the busy festive agenda, every individual involved matters and makes a real difference. Remember that WE HAVE THE SAME BLOOD, and every donor’s contribution is a chance at life for someone.


Donor Guide – We have the same blood

To check if you meet the criteria to participate in the “We have the same blood”  please consult theDonor Guide.

However, there are some essential conditions to be able to donate blood:

  • Participants must be between 18 and 60 years old.
  • The minimum weight required to participate in the donation is 50 kilograms.
  • It is essential that donors do not suffer from chronic diseases or are under medical treatment.
  • Donors must not have undergone surgery in the last 6 months.
  • People who have not had tattoos in the last 6 months are considered eligible to donate blood. /li>

By becoming a blood donor, you not only bring light into the lives of those who receive this essential donation, but you also benefit from a number of legal and medical advantages.


Legal Benefits:

  • Value Card: : You receive a card with a value of 67 lei.
  • Free Analysis: Benefit from free analyses, giving you a detailed look at your health.
  • Transport Discounts: Benefit from discounts on public transport, recognising your noble gesture in the community.
  • Day Off: A day off from work, giving you the time you need to make this important contribution.


Medical Benefits:

  • Save Lives: With a single donation, you help save no less than 3 lives.
  • Meaningful Impact: 450 ml of blood is collected, an amount that can make a significant difference in the treatment of patients.
  • Reduced Cardiovascular Risk: Lowers the risk of developing cardiovascular disease, helping to keep your heart healthy.
  • Improved General Health: Donating blood stimulates the production of new cells in the body, improving overall health.
  • Regular Medical Checkups: Benefit from regular medical checkups, helping to monitor your long-term health.

By choosing to become a donor, you are not only performing a selfless act, but also enjoying these significant benefits, both for yourself and for those who depend on this support.


#DecemberOfGiving: ”We have the same blood”

Let’s turn this festive season into an opportunity to give and save lives. Together, we can make a difference! Register now in our app, here, to become a donor and contribute to this worthy cause.

Fill out the registration form and donate a drop of life to those who need it most because WE HAVE THE SAME BLOOD.


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