Saint Nicholas – charity campaign in Business Garden Bucharest

saint nicholas #decemberofgiving

For thousands of children in Romania, Saint Nicholas is just a fairytale character and that’s all.At this time of year, when we celebrate generosity and solidarity, it is essential to remember the less fortunate ones among us. In Business Garden Bucharest, we have an extraordinary opportunity to donate and make a real difference in the lives of those who need help.


Vastint Romania, United Way and Colliers invite you to give

Vastint Romania and Colliers, leaders in real estate, join forces with United Way in a strong partnership to bring joy and hope to the disadvantaged children. United Way, with its global experience and mission to support vulnerable communities, brings its expertise in identifying, managing and implementing charitable projects.

Through this initiative of Saint Nicholas in Business Garden Bucharest, the 3 companies aim to bring happiness to the hearts of children and offer hope to those in need. We want to strengthen human bonds, inspire kindness and contribute to a compassionate start to the festive season. This is just the first step in a series of social and charitable actions intended to create an impact in our society.


Magic in the boots: How do we donate?

From 28th of November to 5th of December, 20 booties are waiting for you next to the Christmas tree in Business Garden Bucharest, offering you the chance to do a good deed. Here, every tenant and employee is invited to share the holiday cheer by donating sweets or small gifts. Any gesture, no matter the amount, becomes a significant boost to fill the hearts of little ones with happiness.

There is no donation too small, and every contribution, can bring the light of the holidays in an extraordinary way into the lives of those facing various difficulties. Each individual’s generosity matters and is part of a collective effort to make this season brighter and warmer for all, regardless of their condition.


Be a Saint Nicholas in Business Garden Bucharest!

As this wonderful charity campaign comes to life at Business Garden Bucharest, we are all part of a bigger story – one where each of us can be someone’s Saint Nicholas.

Every donation, brings an extra smile, and every gesture of kindness contributes to a happier festive season for the unfortunate ones. We are honoured to be involved in this selfless action and witness the extraordinary power of our united community for a noble purpose.

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