Office Letting in Business Garden Bucharest complex

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Building A

  • 21,933 m2
  • 2733 m2
  • 2321 m2

Building B

  • 10,781 m2
  • 4628 m2
  • 1157 m2

Building C

  • 10,443 m2
  • 3119 m2
  • 1162 m2

Certainly, choosing office for rent can be a challenge nowadays. Companies are always looking for the perfect working environment to carry out their daily activities. That’s why, at Business Garden Bucharest, we have focused on developing buildings that meet all the requirements of those looking for office for rent. We carefully designed each construction project of our buildings to integrate modern technologies and sustainable materials. This facilitates orientation towards the needs and comfort of those who want to find space in an optimal environment.

The result of this effort is one of the best performing office for rent complexes available in Bucharest. The 3 buildings are LEED Platinum certified, attesting to the commitment to sustainability and compliance with the highest standards of environmental performance. At the heart of the project, you will discover a beautiful integrated green area that creates a pleasant and relaxing environment. We also offer specially designed spaces for sports activities, encouraging a healthy and balanced lifestyle for employees.

The ultra-modern design of the offices and common spaces gives a stylish and professional look, contributing to a stimulating and inspiring working atmosphere. For those who prefer to travel by car, we have both outdoor and indoor parking available. However, we provide facilities for cyclists, promoting environmentally friendly means of transport. The project enjoys excellent connectivity to the city’s transport network. Thus, simplifying access to the complex and by public transport.

Business Garden Bucharest offers the ideal solution for companies looking for office for rent. Moreover, it combines performance and sustainability with modern facilities and optimal comfort for employees. Choose a working environment that is LEED Platinum certified. Enjoy the benefits of an office building complex for rent that meets all your needs.

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