Santa Claus – Giving joy to children!

santa claus campaign
While many of us associate the winter holidays with joy, warmth and magic, for some children, this time can seem far from festive. To the little ones, Santa Claus is just an old man in a fairy tale, a seemingly distant and surreal character. So, under the umbrella of #DecemberOfGiving, we want to show that the winter season is not just about giving presents, but a collective effort to transform the perception of some less fortunate people.

#DecemberOfGiving – Vastint Romania humanitarian campaigns

This month, Business Garden Bucharest witnessed two remarkable social campaigns that highlighted our commitment to community and solidarity. The first one was Saint Nicholas campaign, where tenants and their employees got directly involved in bringing smiles on the faces of the little ones. Then, we initiated a vital Blood Donation campaign,aimed at anyone willing to give a priceless gift – life. Through our actions, we highlighted the importance of solidarity and direct help to people in need.

actiune Moș Crăciun

Vastint Romania and the “Tree of Good Deeds” Association

Now, we are happy to present the third social campaign in this series of festivities that will take place from 4-15 December. Vastint Romania and the “Tree with Good Deeds” Association are engaged in a partnership dedicated to bringing happiness to the hearts of about 60 children in Romania. Through concrete projects and charitable actions, the NGO not only brings light into the lives of those in need, but also creates a solid network of support and solidarity in the affected communities.
Anyone can be Santa Claus for a disadvantaged little one. Choose a person from our list and we invite you to give them a gift such as sweets, warm clothes or shoes.
Thus, the initiative symbolizes not only material gifts, but also our desire to provide a genuine moment of Christmas spirit for the most disadvantaged. These actions help Business Garden Bucharest become more than an office space, but a place where community is shaped and where every gesture counts in creating a truly special festive season. .

Business Garden Bucharest therefore stands out as a space dedicated to generosity and compassion, demonstrating that even in the smallest gestures we can make a significant difference in the lives of those who need our support.

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