Have a break from home

When was the last time you took a break and went climbing with your friends? Or roller skating? Or even went for a run in the neighborhood? We invite you to “have a break from home”, call your favorite people, and do more of what you enjoy doing!

We all imagined that working from home would be a dream come true, but after more than a year of working mainly in the same place, we came to realize that we’ve missed being part of a community.

Doing the regular activities like taking a short coffee break with your colleague, the small chitchat near the water machine, those hectic brainstorming, or small trips to the convenience stores seem to be so far away, when the only walk you’re doing is between the living room and the bedroom, and your best friend is the courier that brings you lunch.

None of us envisioned inventing so many yoga postures in order to keep the laptop stable during a call, while feeding the children, wearing sweatpants all day long, without even working out, nor trying that many banana bread recipes. It’s time to put aside all the improvised gym equipment, put on those new shoes, and take a nice walk in the garden of Business Garden Bucharest.

Lack of proper working space, difficulty in separating working time from personal time, multiple technical issues that appear are just daily struggles that lead the “work from home” dream into a slightly nightmare. No doubt this period came with a more restricted social interaction, employees are feeling the side effects of burnout due to becoming a 24/7 extension of our laptop, while many of us have lost the boundaries between personal life and work, and acknowledged that virtual communications is unable to replace the strong bonds created between colleagues.

As social beings, we strive for interaction, need the human touch and feel more connected to the company’s values while we interact with our colleagues, in a safe environment, with fresh air supply, natural lighting and amazing garden view.

It’s time to have a break from home and start breaking the work from home habits.

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