The first Business Garden in Romania, and the sixth in Europe of this kind, emphasizes on the benefits of integrating such a large green area within an office space with top technical specificities.

The LEED Platinum certified office project with the highest score in Romania, building A having the third highest score in the Shell & Core category Worldwide, closely followed by the other two buildings of the project, proves that the modern design and appropriate technical specifications can lead to performance at the highest levels.

The interior garden in the middle of the complex is the point of interest and focus of the project, increasing the well-being of employees, offering innovative solutions outside the classic office space, for better teamwork. Complementarily, Business Garden Bucharest promotes a “green” lifestyle, that’s why we encourage the use of alternative means of transport. The complex offers multiple facilities such as above and underground parking, showers and locker rooms for cyclists, suitable to continue your daily routine in the office.

The recent Award, “Leading Green Development & Developer” received at CIJ Awards Gala 2021 comes as a recognition of the stunning technical specifications of Business Garden Bucharest,  such as 100% fresh air supply, air conditioning and healthy ventilation, equipment economical in terms of energy consumption and LED lighting, technology to reduce water consumption through the system of capture and management of rainwater, excellent natural environment, windows that open every 2.7m, which creates an environment of safe work, combined with large outdoor spaces, designed to complement the well-being of the project.

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