Vastint Romania’s campaign #BreakForGoodDeeds it’s a real success


Vastint Romania's campaign

The blood donation campaign organized by Vastint Romania, in partnership with the Digi Group (Digi24, Digi FM, and ProFM), #BreakForGoodDeeds, has successfully achieved its established objectives, attracting an impressive number of participants. Available spots for donation were filled in record time, providing a significant boost to the organizers to continue the #BreakForGoodDeeds initiative.

On April 17th, Vastint Romania and the Digi Group will organize the second edition of the blood donation campaign #BreakForGoodDeeds. The event will take place at Business Garden Bucharest, where a part of the Bucharest Blood Transfusion Center will be temporarily relocated. The remarkable number of donors who registered during this 8-hour marathon campaign for life demonstrates the strength of collaboration and human solidarity.

Donate blood in #BreakForGoodDeeds

On April 17th, Vastint Romania, in collaboration with the Digi group, invited its collaborators and employees from office buildings to donate blood during a #BreakForGoodDeeds.
“Many big-hearted individuals in the Business Garden Bucharest community encourage us to continue our efforts to support blood donation and maintain our partnership with the Digi Group,” said Sorin Macoveiu, Commercial Director of Vastint Romania. “This year, we dared to do more and created the #BreakForGoodDeeds umbrella, under which we aim to engage the Business Garden Bucharest community in a series of projects and events with a positive impact on society,” added the representative of Vastint Romania.

Be kinder and more generous

“We Have the Same Blood” is the most extensive and ambitious national project of a news television station for the benefit of patients.The Digi24 station’s project began on December 1, 2022, managing to mobilize5000 donors from 19 counties.
This year, on the eve of Easter, we encourage you to be generous and give life. Blood donation not only brings moral benefits but also extremely useful ones in everyday life. Starting this year, the value of donation vouchers has increased to 280 lei, including a day off from work, as well as discounts on public transportation and free analysis.
In addition to these benefits, blood donation also benefits your health. A single donor can save 3 lives by donating 450 ml of blood. This process is carried out by specialized medical personnel, guaranteeing you regular medical check-ups and an overall improvement in your health.
Who can be a donor? Anyone over 18 years old and weighing at least 50 kilograms. You must be under 60 years old and not suffer from chronic illnesses or have undergone surgery in the last 6 months. It’s an opportunity for anyone who wants to make a special gift during this holiday season and bring a smile to those in need.

Be part of the Vastint Romania blood donation campaign #BreakForGoodDeeds!

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